With love, honesty, responsibility, respect as our core value, TSWN has always respected the value of humanism and had strong belief in the culture of renovation and simplicity.

We commit to comply with all related policies addressed in Social Accountability 8000 (that is, SA8000) as well as national labor laws and other applicable industrial standards and international conventions in order to continually improve the working condition and employee benefits, promote the cooperation between the representing capital and the labor, and create pleasant working environment. We hope to contribute to our society and primary focus on active participation in environmental protection, charitable events and so on.

TSWN is fully committed to earth protection through its products, employees, various voluntarism works and charitable community activities within the entity. We encourage each and every employee to work on environmentally friendly and energy-saving society together through sustainable practice to guard our homeland.

  • Environment maintenance: Starting from environmental cleanup, TSWN volunteer group steps out their first move by rolling up their sleeves, pulling weeds and picking up the littering and garbage.
  • Chopsticks revolution: In response to the ban on disposable chopsticks, this act may help save 75 ten-year-old trees from destruction every month.
  • Volunteer planting: TSWN has majority of its effort on the planting and environmental protection issue. We hope to add a creative touch in building a beautiful hearth and home with practical actions.

It is our belief that human is the most valuable asset in TSWN and love shall be the very fundamental starting point. It is therefore, other than strengthening the professional competitiveness armed with the humanitarian management and friendly working environment, TSWN aims to ensure the wellness and harmony of our employees hoping to take great care of them and sets up initiatives for Employee Assistance Program (EAP) counseling services in the workplace.

  • Employee caring card: toll-free 24-7 mental counseling.
  • Help postbox and employee opinions: immediate response to employee s’ opinion and need.
  • Emergency aid and caring: advocate provisions of care and medical payment for work hazard and people in needs.
  • Group networking: regular corporate events are held in order to help employees with public relationship and interaction.
  • Employee caring: with the fundamental belief of humanism and employee caring, subsidy or pension is given to employees in needs so everyone can stay on their duty at ease.

If everyone can give out some love, then the world will be a more wonderful place. TSWN, by practicing what it preaches, leads its employees to actively play a part in community service.

  • Blood donation: TSWN carries out the social responsibility and advocates voluntary unpaid blood donation relays in each of our factory wishing to contribute back to society and benefit the public welfare.
  • Education donation: TSWN mainly focuses on children’s education with a particular emphasis on helping those unschooled or dropping-out children in straitened circumstances return to schools. We actively participate in educational donation events trying to pass on love and attentive care.

Partner with Artwork

With the environmentalism ideology borne in mind, TSWN provides the used or abolished mesh material for artworks.