Leading company in the industry

TSWN, as one of the most reputed entities in the wire netting industry, was founded in 1970s with focus on highly sophisticated mesh netting technology. We provide solutions for filtering, sieving, drying, homogenizing and protection with more than 400 mesh weaving machines. Wire netting application can be used in petroleum and plastic industry, chemical fiber, hybrid electrical, multilayer capacitance, printing circuit board, ceramic resistor, ceramic inductor, dielectric industry, as well as in automobile, paper making, building material, consuming goods industries and even broadly in aviation and aerospace industries.
In the future, Taiwan Special Wire Netting is hoping to assist worldwide industrial development with our better cost, better efficiency and better quality. In the meantime, as “CSR Corporate Social Responsibility” being our core operating value, TSWN wishes to partner with sustainable developing organizations and play an important role to further contribute to the environment and society through a series of promotions and practices of sustainable development.


TSWN produces woven wire cloth with the best materials include but not limited to stainless steel, phosphor bronze, brass, cooper, and nickel…etc, that can be highly anti-corrosion, anti-abrasion and heat resistance. TSWN’s wire meshes are widely acclaimed by customers all over the world.

Woven Wire Mesh

Wire mesh can be used for filtering, sieving, drying, homogenizing and protection. Based on the condition of use, wire material, size, mesh counts, the required weaving methodology may differ. In general, the vertical wires of the wire mesh cloth usually require higher abrasion resistant. Thus the weaving materials we choose must have the capability to sustain the majority of the force added. Wire meshes also require staying flexible and recoverable while being bended or pressed. As for corrosion resistance, the fact that their working environment may contain material or chemicals that are corrosive, the wire meshes have to withstand such circumstances. For wire mesh cloth homogeneity, wire meshes are weaved by hundreds and thousands of wires, if wires do not share consistent homogeneity, the mesh cannot have a smooth surface. Finally to further utilize our potential to international; industrial society, TSWN are able to offer value added service such as :
. Plasma Welding
. Cleaning
. Up to 5 meter in width with selvage edge
. Slitting/Stamping